2020 NCUJHS Yearbook

Yearbook announcements from Mr. Storrings:

Hi, everyone--

I just wanted you to know that the 2020 NCUJHS Yearbook has been delivered to school! One good thing to come out of this school shutdown was that I had a lot of extra time to finish the captions and graphics on all 60 pages, so I got the book finished much earlier than usual. That was a good thing, because the printing plant in Tennessee, while still working, was limited to one shift a day instead of two. Many small school orders, especially those that were behind on deadlines, had their printing and shipping moved to the end of the line. But because the work on our book was nearly completed, it stayed on track and actually shipped three weeks early!

Anyway, we have our yearbook, and of course you are in it at least three times! The work done by the Yearbook elective class was very effective--a gorgeous hard cover, a meaningful theme, eye-catching fonts and graphic colors, and comprehensive photography of our student body. I also want to thank all the other staff members who contributed photos--Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Gunn, Ms. France, Ms. Brown, Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Piette, Mr. Thumma, and of course our amazing resident professional photographer Mr. Boskind.

So, how will you get your copy of the yearbook? That’s a good question--and we don’t know the answer yet. Yearbook distribution will be a part of upcoming discussions and planning for end-of-the-year procedures. We will get the books to you one way or another, and this year’s book will remain available for purchase until we sell out--even if that is months from now.

And what about having your friends and teachers sign your 2020 Yearbook? Jostens, our publishing company, is going to announce a plan to assist you with that. They are going to sponsor a free, virtual yearbook signing for everyone who wants to participate. You’ll send an email invitation to everyone who you would like to sign your book; when they accept the invitation they’ll get a link to your virtual signing page, where you can write your good wishes to your friend. When the process is finished, Jostens will email you a link so you can download all the signatures and print the pages for yourself, to add to your own yearbook pages. This virtual signing party will be for everyone--even if you don’t purchase a book.

You do need to know that we have to charge for the yearbook--the cost is not covered by any part of the school budget. Please note that this is a professionally-printed, full-color, hard-cover book, assembled with amazing features and capabilities of state-of-the-art on-line publishing. Also, a limited number of copies are ordered--based on past history, we order what we estimate will be purchased based on the size of our student enrollment. This year, 168 books were delivered--3 extra from our planned order. Last year, we sold our entire regular order, plus 10 of the 15 extra books that were delivered. The extra books are never guaranteed, so we were a little unlucky this year. Remember that for your $25, you are getting a book, and a collection of memories, that can last you a lifetime.

You can order your book in these ways:

    • Online from Jostens at www.jostensyearbooks.com
    • Over the phone, again from Jostens, by calling 1-877-767-5217
    • By mailing or otherwise delivering your payment to NCUJHS. Mr. Storrings will check his school mailbox frequently.
    • Or by paying for the book at our distribution event (date TBD), or at any future convenient time, until all books are sold.

Thanks for reading all this information! I can’t wait for you to receive and enjoy your 2020 NCUJHS Yearbook.