Atherton, Stacy

Maintenance & Custodial SupervisorPhone Ext. 5112Email:

Frasier, Sarah

Food Service ManagerPhone Ext. 5119Email:

Midi, Robyn

Visual ArtPhone Ext. 5135Email:

Auclair, Peter

Physical EducationPhone Ext. 5127Email:

Geary, James

Social StudiesPhone Ext. 5169Email:

Murray, Brady

Special Programs Case ManagerExt. 5106Email:

Baker, Roberta

LibrarianPhone Ext. 5123Email:

Gelo, Pat

Student Assistance Professional (SAP)Phone Ext. 5130Email:

Olbrys, Kristen

Special Educator Case ManagerPhone Ext. 5164Email:

Baraw, Sheila

Paraeducator (SLPA)Email:

Goodwin, Pauline

Maintenance & CustodianEmail:

Patten, Chad

School Based ClinicianPhone Ext.  5145Email:

Bowen, Echo

MathematicsPhone Ext. 5162Email:

Gratton, Vicky

Language ArtsPhone Ext. 5198Email:

Perry, Amanda


Brignolo, Jamie

Maintenance & CustodianEmail:

Greenwood, Danny


Persha, Cindy


Brown, Christiane

Physical EducationPhone Ext. 5117Email:

Griffith, Dan

MathematicsPhone Ext. 5190Email:

Piette, Teresa

Intervention CoachPhone Ext. 5156Email:

Castle, Jill

Special Programs Case ManagerPhone Ext. 5193Email:

Grimm, Nathan

Family & Consumer SciencePhone Ext. 5113Email:

Pillsbury, Kristy

NursePhone Ext. 5109Email:

Chitambar, Ted

MathematicsPhone Ext. 5181Email:

Gunn, John

Dean of Students & Athletic DirectorPhone Ext. 5116Email:

Prevost, France


Cochran, Katie

Administrative AssistantPhone Ext. 5100Email:

Gunn, Julie

HealthPhone Ext. 5175Email:

Scott, Erin


Comtois, Sarah

Secretary & RegistrarPhone Ex.t 5101Email:

Hallinan, Mic

Language Arts LenguajePhone Ext. 5166Email:

Sublett-Lemiuex, Dory


Corbett, Meghan

504 CoordinatorPhone Ext. 5133Email:

Hilliker, Monique

Guidance CounselorPhone Ext. 5107Email:

Storrings, Colleen

Assistant PrincipalPhone Ext. 5110Email:

Crew, Lynn

MathematicsPhone Ext. 5177Email:

Hussey, Beth

Special Programs Case ManagerPhone Ext.  5105Email:

Storrings, Peter

Instrumental MusicPhone Ext. 5170Email:

Cross, Annette

Bookkeeper & Purchasing AgentPhone Ext. 5158Email:

Ingram, Michael

SciencePhone Ext. 5173Email:

Stuart, Lona

Social StudiesPhone Ext.  5108Email:

Davis, Jeremy

Maintenance & CustodianEmail:

Jacobs, Melissa

Behavior TeamEmail:

Taylor, Brandie

Planning Room SupervisorPhone Ext. 5150Email:

Davis, Samantha


Lacroix, Karen

SciencePhone Ext. 5157Email:

Tetreault, Jessica

SciencePhone Ext. 5124Email:

Edwards, Priscilla

Special Programs Case ManagerEmail:

Lantagne, Joyce

Computer TechnicianPhone Ext. 5129Email:

Tinsman, Jackie


Fletcher, Ruth Ann

Special Programs Case ManagerPhone: 802-673-1829Email:

LaRose, Becca

Language ArtsPhone Ext. 5111Email:

Valley, Megan

School Based ClinicianPhone Ext.  5174Email:

Flores, Edie

PrincipalPhone Ext. 5100Email:

McFarlane, Katrina

Social StudiesPhone Ext. 5148Email:

Webber, Jessica

Guidance CounselorPhone Ext. 5122Email:

Fortin, Jodi

NursePhone Ext. 5109Email:

McFarlane, Matt

Design and Technical EducationPhone Ext. 5153Email:

Wright, Kaitlyn

Behavior Team SpecialistEmail:

Fortin, Josh

MathematicsPhone Ext. 5155Email:

McGraw, Carrie

Language ArtsPhone Ext.5160Email:

Yarnall, Ian

MusicPhone Ext. 5154Email: 

Fortin, Sarah

Language ArtsPhone Ext. 5168Email: