Personalized Learning Plan

Beginning in the Fall of 2015, all Vermont schools will be required to develop and implement a program which assists students in career exploration and the creation of Personalized Learning Plans (PLP):

“The recent enactment of Personalized Learning Plan requirements through Act 77 will help students achieve academic success, be prepared for post-secondary opportunities, and engage actively in civic life. Schools will need to ensure that they have designed a PLP process for implementation beginning in the fall of 2015. Schools will be expected to initiate a process for students to identify their goals, learning styles, abilities and align this with the school's academic expectations and student's pathway toward graduation.” (

During the 2014-2015 school year, NCUJHS took steps to establish a comprehensive Personalized Learning Plan program. Personal Learning Plan Programs provide the framework for students to explore their personal interests and discover career paths related to their interests and strengths. As students build their Personal Learning Plan portfolios, they become more focused on specific career paths and High School/Career Center courses of study. Currently, the NCUJHS PLP program includes Strengths Explorer (7 & 8), Multiple Intelligences (7th), and Do What You Are (8th). Career Fair (in February) provides opportunities for further research and face to face dialogue with high school students and Community professionals (7 & 8). Meetings with high school Guidance Counselors and tours of North Country Union High School and North Country Career Center also helps students in creating their career paths as they make decisions about freshman classes.

North Country Union Junior High School will continue to work with the district to develop a district-wide Personalized Learning Plan Program. For more information reference the attached files or visit the Vermont Department of Education website: